Who I am?

I'm Korean Pastor on Orsay-Paris (KPOP) campus who composes with prayers and sings for the work of God in Orsay-Parisian Stutdents and the French people and people of  whole world who love Jesus, our Lord. Since I'am healed from my sick body by God's hand in 2016, I was pleased to compose my humble songs and offer them to God. My spirit and body must be trembled each time when I thought of his tremendous love for me. I confess that it's only by his insight that this compilation of songs was possible. But God helped me to meditate, write and song each time. So I say only Thank God. 

Again, it's a God's only grace that I can expresse my love for Him and offer him theses humble melodies. I hope this may be the favorites song for our church memebers and other people who will enconter them. My hope is that French people be changed to the people who adores and loves Him by these small songs.